maak ons land
2008 - 2009 / MAAK ONS LAND (SHAPE OUR COUNTRY) was an invitation by the NAI for everyone to come up with ideas about what the Netherlands should look like in the future. The photo-essay is based on the themes mobility, housing, work, leisure, greenery and water and was made throughout the Netherlands and shown in the exhibition during the half year of the exhibition. SHAPE OUR COUNTRY turned Gallery 1 of the Netherlands Architecture Institute into a workshop for national planning. Every month, from November to April 2008, it focused on a specific theme – mobility, housing, work, leisure, greenery, water – along with the corresponding ambitions. Via a game, lectures, workshops and debates, the NAI invited visitors to give their opinion on national planning in the Netherlands. For six months these opinions, ideas or frustrations about national planning were gathered in an exhibition and a play.

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