afslag Bilthoven A27
A1 Baarn, Amsterdamsestraatweg
Ijsselstein, N210
Rhenen, crossroad N233 / Geertesteeg
Woudenberg, crossroad N224 (Stationsweg-oost) / Parallelweg
A2 Breukelen
Zeist, N224 (Woudenbergseweg)
Woudenberg, crossroad N224 (Zeisterweg) / Voorstraat
Kamerik, crossroad N121 / N401, Ingenieur Enschedeweg
Huis ter heide
book: De ronde van U
2009 / HET ROTONDOLOGISCH GENOOTSCHAP / ROUNDABOUTOLOGICAL SOCIETY is an initiative of Tijs van den Boomen and Peter Jonker. Their documentation and stories questioning the functionality of 'art' placed on the no-man's-land in the middle of a roundabout. For 'RotondeLab' an initiative of the province of Utrecht, the Rotondologisch Genootschap made an analysis of seventeen roundabouts. The suggestions of the Society range from the restoration of an old tree structure next to the roundabout, to the complete removal of the roundabout itself. Sometimes the advice focuses on the central island alone; in other cases the surrounding areas are also included. The series of photo's are a documentation of the seventeen roundabouts, and who knows, will maybe in the future be part of a 'before and after' series of images.