exhibition: building portraits NAI 2007
2007 / Images from the book ‘Immaterial Change’ made during my wanders in Mexico City. The book shows places in the urban landscape of the city surrounding. With a focus on the density of the concrete infrastructure and the lack of nature in this city. The title ‘Immaterial Change’ refers to a state of a 'seemingly' non important change. Meaning in the context of this photo-series, the contrast and exchangeable concrete city structures with its nature in and around this city. The book won the second prize at the 'Building Portraits' Photography assignment by the NAI (Dutch Architecture Institute), Rotterdam and Ballast Nedam.

link to exhibition at NAI

‘Twelve talented young photographers have been commissioned to portray the relations between a building, its conceiver, its builder and its user. What does a building mean to someone? What kinds of feelings can architecture arouse? The selection committee, consisting of Aaron Betsky (former NAI director), Frank van der Stok (curator), Marcel van der Vlugt (photographer) and Ine Lamers (photographer/artist) have selected the twelve most promising photographers. Following the NAI’s and Ballast Nedam’s announcement of the assignment last September, over seventy photographers submitted a portfolio.’