Brussels RER poster nr.01
Brussels RER poster nr.01
In the summer of 2011 I was invited as an artist in residence at Architecture Workroom in Brussels. During this period I worked on photographing the expansion of the regional express network (RER) around Brussels. // The ongoing construction of a regional public transport network in and around Brussels is more than an infrastructure project. It incribes very distinct territories and situations into a system. Pieces of city, landscape, historical villages, industry parks and allotment areas, are made part of the metropolitan space. This series of photographs document the tension between the existing urban fragments and this new continuous network, and reveal this territory's potential to become the city of tomorrow. (text by Joachim Declerck AWB)
This poster was printed on the occasion of Kunstenfestival Desarts and was exhibited together with an audio
installation made by Anna Rispoli & Edurne Rubi

Photography: Dieuwertje Komen / Assistant: Manon van den Bliek / Design: Hans Gremmen / Initiative and Cartography: Architecture Workroom Brussels.
With the support of the Flemish Authorities, VGC and COCOF.