2005 / THE WARSAW OF OUR DREAM was part of the exhibition in TENT, Rotterdam. During the winter in 2004 and 2005 I explored the city of Warsaw and became fascinated about the fringe of the city. It was there where I found future dream homes seemingly abandoned, apartment dwellers from the centre of Warsaw (or Polish workers abroad) build for themselves at the edge of the city. The photo's were shown in two divided series, one of the city centre and one series of houses in the white snow. With this exhibition I finished my MA of photography study at the AKV st.Joost.

link to exhibition at NAI

Nest is a simply designed gallery for solo presentations in NAI, measuring 15m2, where each six weeks a different artist, architect or designer shows personal work.

‘In the photographs Dieuwertje Komen (1979) has taken at the boundaries of the city of Warsaw, she presents a picture of the dream homes apartment dwellers from the center of Warsaw build for themselves at the edge of the city. She has a sharp eye for relations between the experience and the functionality of places.’